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Escorts In Anchorage, Alaska

Britney BangsThe Sequel - Fairbanks Escorts

So I have been on a bit of a pooning hiatus. I had kind of blown my wad so to speak and needed to stop spending money like the shit grew on trees. Good in theory but fuck me, not regularly fucking women half my fucking age was fucking me up. Totally.

So I tried a couple alternatives to my regular, the fucktastic Britney Bangs. In June I only pooned once and it was at in in-call by Don Francescos on Burrard. Actually the girl was a co-worker at the same outfit as miss Bangs. Can't remember her name off hand but I wrote a review. Good but not great. Same story the next month with Mia (formerly of college cuties but again dispatched from the 7351 number. Awesome hot blond from TO, but it was just really fucking good, not mind numbingly great. I have been spoiled.

I have figured out a few things about my taste in women. All things being equal, I like short, firm, hot girls. I like deep throat bare back blowjobs.......alot. And I like being with someone that actually likes fucking and is willing and able to really bang away for an hour or two.

So I recently found myself calling the Kitten Club looking for Britney Bangs. I was told I could see her at the club, or if I preferred, at her new incall in North Fairbanks. Mmmnnn. Real bed in a private home, or a narrow vinyl massage table in a parlour setting? Incall here we come. So I arrived at Britney's little basement suite in a quite Fairbanks neighborhood. I went to the side door as instructed and knocked gently. Britney answered the door in a school girl number. Plaid mini, white cotton half top and these awesome striped knee high socks. Sproing!

As usual, Britney greeted me with her trademark kissing spree. Deep, French, Kissing. Awesome. I have written in detail about how much I love Britney's fuck style. She may be acting, but this girl deserves an Academy Award....for Best Slurp-orting Actress. Sloppy, mouth stretched open, throat banging blowjob. Right to the hilt, over and over. Sofa King Good! Watching a girl this tiny swallow my cock is just perfectly porno.

And on to that tiny trimmed kitty. So tight. So porno.

How could it get any better? How bout some anal......she says. Gulp.....well OK, if you insist. And she did........and we did.......slowly with alot of lube.......and it was very, very porno.

And so it goes. Search my other posts on Britney to flesh out the details. Maybe it's just me but there are not enough Britney's in the world. If there were we wouldn't have wars. Everybody would be too tired from fucking to fight.

Downsides? I will soon be back in the poorhouse. And Britney has lost a few pounds. She looks more like the classic model type now. I preferred her body when she was more fitness model than fashion model. Gotta put some junk back in that trunk girl. I still find her look really hot. Must be the eyes. Looking up.

Damage? $230 plus $70 for the Greek. Where the fuck is that money tree?

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Charlize @ Cloud 9 - Sitka Escorts

Cruising home through Sitka on my way home I decided to take a look at Cloud 9 as it was my understanding it was under new management there and see if they had improved the lineup.

There was a very cute young blonde there named Charlize, probably around 20 years old and I decided on her and booked a half hour.

Rooms were fine and included a shower which is always good so you dont have to take a quick run down the hall hoping not to run into anyone. Charlize came in, dimmed the lights and set up some candles. Charlize has blonde hair around shoulder length, is around 5'5" I would guess, has a very nice tight body, natural rack and a couple of very small tatooos. She seemed fairly new and was a bit on the quiet side, but very pleasant to talk to. She gave me a short massage, followed by a good cbj and from that we elapsed into cowgirl, doggy and finally missionary before I finally expulsed my horde of sticky white mancream. It was a good session but I guess it could have been better as when I talked to her after she could be open to offering GFE and gave me a delicious taste of DFK on the way out.

So in summary: Charlize is very cute, young, lowkey, probably quite new thus possibly a little nieve about how things work but she might offer pretty good mileage. I cant guarantee it but if she does it would probably be worth taking a look. If its only basic service you still get pretty good sex with a hot young blonde anyways.

Cloud 9 is at Ingleton and in Sitka in Sitka. The half hour rate was $150 if I remember right.

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HELEN in Skagway CL 4381: sweet person, spotty service, easy rapport

My first midnight prowl... This late my libido isn't normally raging.

But all these yummy ladies advertising in my neighborhood got me thinking: why not splurge a brown on bedtime fun? Many micros are active till 2 AM.

I phone the number shared by Lucy, Jessie, Helen and Grace—a bigger operation always inspires confidence. A jolly-sounding papasan informs me that Jessie and Helen are available. He agrees to let me see both of them.

"Who would you recommend?" I ask. "Jessie," he answers without hesitation.

When I phone again, from the entrance to the highrise tower, papasan says he'll come to let me in. After a 5 min wait a young fellow with glasses arrives from a different building.

Inside the condo we first drop by Helen's room. When I see this skimpily dressed cutie-pie standing beside her mattress—looking heart-wrenchingly vulnerable and expectant—I decide to take my chances with her.

We get off to a good start. She speaks very little English and responds happily to my basic Mandarin. She even says she likes my smile; too many pooners apparently arrive looking scarily serious.

We plug in my CD player and fill the dreary room with soft Chinese music. I hand her 5 greens.

Then we strip and head to the bathroom. I like Helen's pretty face and dainty body, with its small titties and no excess fat around the waist.

She turns on the shower but doesn't step into the bathtub with me. She scrubs me from the outside. When she pours me a big cup of mouthwash, I wonder: might there be kissing in the offing?

We hop onto the mattress that sits low on the floor. Draped over the linen are two white towels. I spray pheromone on both of us and give Helen stockings to wear—which, however, are the wrong size for her skinny thighs.

At first, Helen wants to switch the nightstand lamp off, but with the only light coming from the bathroom I find it far too dark and insist she switch the lamp on again. I also get a little worried when I see her fiddling with a roll of toilet paper.

She puts some paper beside her on the bed before she briefly licks my nipples and, perfunctorily, touches Tantalizer. She clearly doesn't want kissing.

Suddenly she rips open a condom wrapper, ostensibly planning to roll a condom over my soundly asleep dick. Alarmed I say, "Hey not yet—you got to make him hard first."

She looks annoyed but, holding the condom in one hand, lowers her mouth over my cock and starts sucking away. I don't know if this works with most guys, but my old boy needs gentle, playful coaxing.

So I motion Helen to switch position. Waking Tantalizer with my practiced hand I encourage her to rub her furry little kitty. She obliges, still holding the ready condom, but eventually replacing it with toilet paper.

She resists my attempt to finger her. Reluctantly, she consents to DATY but wants me to lick only the hairy patch above her clit. A mouthful of hair isn't the greatest turn-on; but you live and learn. After my shortest muff dive ever she wipes herself with toilet paper.

She makes a worried comment as Tantalizer becomes fully erect. We use a fresh condom. When I slide cautiously into her lilliputian bang slit, I'm barely half engulfed when I feel soft, fleshy resistance indicating I've reached the end of the road.

After gentle mish, with her hand constantly trying to keep my cock from going deep, I get her to climb on top for ACG. Predictably, her movements are timid, inexperienced, awkwardly angled. I try to help her out with my hands cupping her bum, but she doesn't follow my guidance.

Let's try doggie; not too much can go wrong in doggie. Even though she again uses her hand to prevent deep penetration, I still get to do a stretch of enjoyable pounding. That tight resisting flesh engulfing the tip of my cock, along with the sight of her starfish, carries enough erotic charge to bring me close to popping.

I try to get her to lie flat on her belly for lazy doggie. But she turns back to face me, saying "Tong, tong"—which means "It hurts." Well, I'm definitely not into hurting a lady. So we just ease back into mish.

She opens her legs only part-way to restrict access and makes no pretense of feeling arousal. But even so, looking at that pretty woman quivering beneath me, I've no trouble unloading with a blast.
I ask in Chinese if she's feeling okay, and she says, "good." She lets me give her a dry peck on her clenched lips. We disengage, and she pulls off the condom. She wipes me with toilet paper, a lot of which remains sticking to my cock.

Then, telling me to rest up—"xiuxi, xiuxi"—she rushes off to the shower. I shower solo afterward.

While I'm dressing she's straightening out the bed. She doesn't replace the used towels; she doesn't even turn them over. Well, so much about consistency in practicing hygiene.

I'm about to leave when, to my surprise, she asks me to sit down on the bed. She gives me her number with her "real" name (Sasa)—"Helen" is just her name in this micro. She even gives me a decent 5 min massage, through my shirt.

We chat a bit more. She tells me she's 26 (her ad says 23), and that she really dislikes this job. I tell her that, with blue eye shadow, her lovely face would look even lovelier. She shows me her make-up kit and promises that, on my next visit, she'll put on lots of blue eye shadow.

As we hug goodbye I feel empathy. In spite of spotty service I feel no hostility toward this sweetie on the wrong career path, but rather a certain amusement and satisfaction with how I navigated the rough spots.

L=8 (if you like Cantonese cuties), A=7, S=6.

On the way out, waiting by the elevator, I see papasan arriving with the next pooner.

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Chinadoll Taraso so hot! - Juneau Escorts

It's been a while so here's the lastest. I saw Tara a while back and she was awesome. I've been back and this review is the latest visit. Sorry to disappoint but it won't be like the past porno write ups.

Ubber gorgeous and amazingly sexy. I know it's subjective, but I'm positive she turns a lot of heads and gets hit on pretty regularly on a night out. Very easy going and tonnes of fun to be with. Smart and knows what she wants in life.

Started w/ a solo shower then on to small talk while I laid down for a massage. It's nice that she remembers me and even remembered our past conversation.

Fast forward.....cbj that I am still thinking about today then 69 then some heavy petting and then cowgirl and ending w/ mish. Lots of dirty dirty talking. and I mean dirty.

She has a nice olive tan skin and she takes good care of herself. Clean shaven below and seriously smooth skin.

Easy to book an appointment w/ and she works out of an area w/ ample parking.

Anyway, I finished w/ 15 mins left so I figured I'd just shower and leave and not waste her time. But I guess she didn't feel that way cause after she removed the condom and disposed of it she laid right down on the bed and started to stroke my leg and talk to me about things as if inviting me to lie down w/ her. So I figured why not......afterall, that body was amazing and she was still naked for my viewing pleasure. We had a great conversation w/ lots of laughing and the entire time she was running her hand on my back, face, and leg.

So I'm going to say she provides a great gfe. Similar to your highschool girlfriend where the two of you were into exploring your sexual sides. She certainly loves sex so it makes it hard to resist shooting your load early because she just wants it bad.

$$.5 for an hour of her time.

Fair warning, YMMV and she does "screen" her clients including an actual screening at the door. Not everyone who wants to see her makes it past the doors. But if you do, oh boy are you in for a treat.

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Jessicaxxx - Barrow Escorts

I saw Jessicaxxx recently on a trip to Van, and I had a fantastic time. Called late, didn't seem to be a problem. Jess arrived fresh as a daisy and full of energy. We had a glass of wine and I really enjoyed the conversation. Shortly thereafter, Jess got down to business. I am a shy guy and Jess really took charge and made me feel comfortable... actually a helluva lot better than just comfortable. Lots of great dirty talk and really made me feel like a stud, although with a late late appointment, I was probably anything but. Speaking of which... what a great menu. I've never, ever, been a msog guy, but jessica changed all that... The service was truly unparalleled... and I've sampled these services across canada, the us and europe. This is one sexy, high energy, high quality gal. Great experience, can't wait to repeat. A lot has been said about Jessica's service, but I was equally impressed by the interpersonal connection. And I don't think it's a ymmv thing. I think as long as your kind, considerate, and interested in everyone having a good time, yoiu can't miss with Jessica.

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1st REVIEW SAMANTHA KISSES (and then some) ~ $250 - Valdez Escorts

L: 8.3 Only one person will ever get a 10....EVER.
If you see her, or know someone that looks just like her, you need to fucking PM me!
A: 9.1
S: 9.4

I saw this pretty little things ad on Perb and saw the pics and was intrigued. She normally does outcall which I am not a fan of, but said she had an incall available last week at a hotel DT.

It's a part-time thing (ie, book her when you see the ad asap), but she's super professional for her age. The type that enjoys what she does (as you'll see).

Exchanged a couple of emails and made sure MSOG was on the menu. I'm new to the sport of pooning, but if I'm going to book an hour I'm sure as hell going to give it a go.

Arrived a few minutes early which she said would be cool (I always want to have a quick shower to freshen up if coming from work/gym). Said hello and hopped in the shower....she asked if I wanted company, but I prefer to scrub my bits by myself.

Finished up then sat on the couch beside her with a towel on and took it all in. I sat down, but then she put her hand on my lap and it misplaced a few ounces of blood from one area of my body to another.

Almost swarmed her at that moment, but I looked at how inviting the bed is directly in front of me and decided to get on with the show.

Started with some kissing, and general exploration, she's got A's (maybe passes for B's), but good nipple action, I reached over put it in my mouth and she started massaging my balls and cock at the same time. She's got like 5 different methods/rotatations and 4/5 were great.

At this point I'm itchin to go so I proceed to the mish (I might have gotten a BJ b4 but honestly its a blur)....just want to see that body spread out across the bed with that flat tummy. Ran my hand up it, grabbed a tit then slipped into the action.

Flipped her onto the belly and worked that bum for a bit until she looks back and asks if I want to change positions pointing at the mirror....I'm like HELL YEAH, let's do it like a Rock Star. Move her into doggy and wave to the mirror and the Fans are Screaming "Go go go go", oh wait, that's the sound of her ass clapping against me.

Held onto those hips as long as I could till I couldn't take it any longer and finished the ride.

Sat back for a few minutes discussing life and she offered a massage, but after what was a short while I felt a stirring down below that needed the massage more than my back.

DING DING, round 2.

This is where champions are made.

She proceeds with number 1, 3 and 5 of her HJ stylings and in no time it's go time.

I haven't done 2 in an hour for a looooong time, so it takes a bit more finesse.

I understand that if special detail and constant attention isn't paid, I'm going to lose a bit of wind in the sails. It doesn't concern me and as long as she's given er, then it's smooth sailing.

I start with the mish, but the angle is a bit tough for me to get to so I flip her to the tummy and work it for a bit.

She comments that I'm doing all the work then flips me over and bounces YES BOUNCES up and down cowgirl. Now I don't know what PSE is, but I felt like a star, great move, amazing imagery. I've never had a girl ride me like that, normally they are grinding on me (understandable since that's what pleasures women, but she's aiming to please ME)

A few more great positions then I'm getting a bit tired, it's a workout at this point....she takes out a towel and wipes my, very considerate.

I then hear a beep...what? It was an alarm....ohhhh shit, is my time up I thought? I ask is it time to go? She says that's the 10 minute warning....she makes a call, all is good. I turn soft serve and need to regroup....

Lie on the bed, back to the HJ and she asks if I want a BJ....I don't need a doctor, but if I did, that's what he would have prescribed.

I'm enjoying it, but she then moves her ass so I can see her sweet spot in the mirror and I swear it was like the space shuttle Atlantis taking off, no turning back. With the beautiful view of Cape Canaveral I was getting ready to shoot to heaven.

But alas, the swimmers were still in the shallow end of the pool and my time running out, so I need to finish....what to do?

I take matters into my hands. She's looking at me with those doll eyes, "cum on me, yeah", looks down , looks up at me but I'm too focused on my landing point and whip of the dome and spray her tits with rocket fuel.....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I pack it up and have a quick shower and dissapear into the streets with a smile on my face and a story to tell......

Services received

AGE=18 but probably 19 by the time you see her....


Click Here For Her Contact Info

review-bobby cl-8703 - Valdez Escorts

to find the ad search keyword "session" on cl and ad says just arrived
bobby ....
Incall at 12xx Alberni

condo clean, new and fresh. first impression happy,happy,happy. cute little
spinner. I thought if service is good, i scored big time.

started with short chit chat. Her english is limited. We both stripped for dual shower.
first a shot of mouthwash, into shower. Good scrubbing and no action in shower. I dont care for it but i am sure it would be available.

Onto the clean fresh bed but not before she grabs the oil she has been trickling hot water onto in the bathroom. Starts with a good masssage with lots of warm oil from the shoulder right down my back, ass and to the nuggets. Starts with a nice boob body slide
and moves into a decent massage and then onto a super rimming session. First time for a hot young girl rim job.

did the flip. she mouthwased again. started with a little massage, nipple suck, a very good bbbj and swung over for a very tasty 69 session. Trimmed pussy which was fine.
nice and sweet. I guess while she is blowing me she slipped on a condom. i didnt even notice. her suction was good enough that i didnt notice. she slides right from 69 into
RCG and then swithed to CG with lots of DFK. She is a great kisser. Sticks her tongue
right down your throat. Finished in Mish. Didnt ask for CIM or COF. I kind of let her lead
the session and sat back and enjoyed


price 160pussylicks

repeat: Yes, probably will bring a ring next time and propose

Click Here For Her Contact Info

KOREAN "bootilicious" CHANEL - 3826 - OUTCALL - Juneau Escorts

Crusing on CL at 1am in the morning I came across an ad for Chanel. The ad appealed for me but it was outcall only so i was skeptical about it hearing all horror stories about outcalls. I figured its 1am I dont want to travel so what the hell. I made the call and to my surprised reached a young sounding fluent in english girl. Set up an appointment and waited with excitment and worry.

Chanel arrived and when I opened the door I was surprised to see a young cute korean standing at my door. We greeted each other and I took care of the donation with was $$.2. We reached the bedroom and got straight to business a lil LFK and undressed each other. She started with a very smooth BBBJ and when I say smooth i mean NO TEETH to my surprise...always get a lil teeth when I see an sp its quite annoying. This went on for at least 10-15 mintues and I had to stop since I would of popped and had to try out that nice semi shaved kitty. We started with cowgirl and oh my god was an ass! for a smaller asian girl she had a very nice booty. I am black so I love a girl with some ass!! We rode me and then we went to doggy I had to get a visual on that perfect petite booty. After that some missionary and finished with cowgirl.

The finish was amazing it was total GFE in my opinion she rode me hard and then me giving it to her fast and hard she held me close like your girl would moaning like she was really enjoying it. If she was faking she was a good actor! This lasted for around 15-20 mintues and was surprised she didn't ask to finish me off with a HJ which I am used to. Afterwards there was still some time left and we chatted and had a smoke. She is a very interesting gal and her speaking english was definetly a bonus. After some good conversation her driver called and time was up. I will definetly repeat as this was one of my best experiences with a SP!

L - 8.5 - She is cute not your super hot model but very cute. You will give her a second look on the street and her body was to die for especially if you like petie asian girls with a booty. She is around 110 lbs in my opinion with some B's and again im going to stress killer bootaaay!

S- 10 - No doubt she aims to please but in all cases I believe YMMV.

A - Very good attitude one of the best from an SP I seen so far but I was also respectable so it could vary on how much of a gentleman you are.

wasn't going to write a review but how can I be greedy if you decide to see her please treat her well she deserves it.

happy pooning! :cool:

Click Here For Her Contact Info

Alex CL - Valdez Escorts

I haven't reviewed in a while so here goes.

Went to see Alex on the weekend. She's 23 yrs, italian, and takes calls late. Number ends in 2930.

Call her up, and settle on a special of hers, 1/2 hour for $140. She's located in a high rise in Valdez off Davie Street and Howe st.

She's pleasant to talk to on the phone.

I get buzzed up, go up the elevator and knock on her door. She opens and she's the girl from the pics. The pics are her. She is a curvy, bigger girl though. I would say she looks about 10 -15 lbs heavier than her pics IMO.

So I get on her bed. I undress. She is friendly enough. Not much chit chat, she is ready to go. She is ready to give me a bbbj, but I said I want CBJ, as I decided to play it safe.

She has a tongue ring, and she is sucking good. She knows what she is doing, and she uses that tongue ring good. But the problem is I'm not feeling very much. I probably had too much to drink earlier, even though at the time I didn't think so. But she is a champ and she keeps going. I finally get hard and but again I'm not feeling much with the cbj, maybe the condom is too thick?

I then try doggy but I go soft after a minute. She's got a big ass. The next girl I do doggy will have a smaller ass. It is late and I think I'm done - it's not going to work tonight.

So she goes back to cbj. This goes for another 10 minutes. My time is almost up I think. I'm just lying there thinking I should have went for the bbbj, but she doesn't alow cim. I asked her for BLS but she said she doesn't do that, and bbbj is a ymmv. There was no kissing with her, but I didn't ask or initiate it either.

But just when I think this was a waste of money, she keeps going and I finally cum.

IMO she definetely knows how to suck. She enjoys blowing too. If you don't mind a bigger curvier girl she is good. But I think bbbj is up to her though and no cim or BLS. I don't know if there is any kissing.

Click Here For Her Contact Info

"Maggie" @ Hawaiian Girl - Fairbanks Escorts

Hawaiian Girl (Carlton Plaza on in Fairbanks)

Let me start off by saying I kind off happened upon this place purely by accident...

I rolled into Carlton Plaza originally to grab a Blizzard from DQ, as I was walking strolling around eating it I noticed Hawaiian Girl. What an interesting looking place, finished up my DQ and was about to head in when all of a sudden 3 RCMP cruisers appeared in the parking lot! I popped into the grocery store next door to grab some gum and wait till they left. When they were gone in I went.

First thing that I see is a giant fishtank and a hot little number working behind the front desk. She just looked at me and said "what you need baby?", I asked her how much for a massage. She asked me if I wanted complete or just basic. I told her just basic massage(45 mins) for $40, gave her the cash and in I went. My general personal policy when visiting these places is to always opt for the massage first. If she does it for me then negotiate from there..

So into my little room I go. First thing I notice is the massage table, shower stall, dim lighting and the glass window cutout in the door. I didn't like the fact that anybody could just look in. I hop in the shower, washup, and get ready for the arrival of my girl. In comes "Maggie" dressed in a little schoolgirl outfit. She was reasonably attractive, tall slender, said she was Japonese, but from reading some reviews here possibly Korean? She did have an Anime tattoo on her back so that seems to work well with the Japonese story.

She took off my towel and grabbed my half-erect schlong, in her hand it jumped to fuul attention. She asked me if I wanted full service. I said maybe, how much? Ended up negotiating and settling on $80 cash(all the money I had on me) and $20 through interact. I said sure why not and agreed to pay after my session.

Got on the table and got her to go to work on my massage. It was good, probably one of the best massages I have ever had. With one exception. She started working the knots of of my lower calves and then I told her "back back, please do my back". I guess the language barrier came into effect there because she then jammed a finger up my ass. When I explained what I wanted she was most apologetic.

After talking a little she said it was only her 2nd day. How typical is that? A little more talking and she told me about the "arrangment" they have with the RCMP detachment outfront. She said they only come in occasionally, but stay out for the most part. She said last time the saw them personally was back in X-mas. X-mas was over 7 months ago, so much for only being there 2 days! She said not to worry about them and there is always the backdoor that I could use in the future. She also started complaining about how the whitegirls make more money and charge more because they are beautiful. Talk about inferiority complex!

During my massage I could hear her breating hard and she kept repeating "Sexy, sexy". It was actually starting to get on my nerves, so when she asked me to flip over I was happy to. She started sucking me off for a minute or so, then put the rubber on with her mouth. She jumped on me reverse cowgirl style, I said no no, turn around. I wanted full access to those titties.. Did the deed and it was time to roll. She took off the condom, put on a housecoat and left the room.

I jumped in the shower and went to pay. Gave the front girl $80 and went into the "office" to pay the balance with my debit card. The office was across a room strewn with dirty clothes and some passed out white girl crashing on a couch. She did actually look rather hot, I was actually thinking about coming back later and taking her for a spin..

Leaving this place was probably the worst experience. As I head out the door there is a group of 4 hot blonde girls that just came out of the starbucks, looking at me like I'm a seedy mofo. Note to self/anyone else on perb. Use backdoor next time.


Interact billing info actually says hawaiian girls on bank statement...

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I'd should of went for a steak and lobster dinner instead!!! - Barrow Escorts

_Sexy New Girl Damn Good Rate - w4m - 23
Five Green Special For Young Girl - w4m - 23
Pretty Girl_Becky Hot_sexy_Body - w4m - 23
CL- 3978 Becky

Be warned! Haven't been out for a while so I figured I'd explore this one. Price was right and I thought the worst case scenario would be a half ass BJ. WRONG! Went to this highrise in in Barrow on Saba Rd, called from downstairs and booker guy buzzes me in. Usual behind the door then girl quickly shuts and double locks it. Grabs my arm and leads me into a sparse bedroom.

I asked for Becky as the ad say 100% pic or I could have walked. She say "you showa I get" So I quickly rinse as I already had one and she goes out of the room in which I assume that she is going to get Becky and back she comes and says points to herself and says " me Becky" So here I stand butt naked with this frumpy, bumpy and lumpy mid to late 30's, dyed golden brown hair asian lady standing in front of me eyeing my unit.

My guardian angel says get the hell out of there but my guardian devil says WTF at least get your load off. Should of listen to my guardian angel.

Anyways, I lie on the bed and she disrobes, and again my guardian angel says "get out fast." I should of asked her to keep her clothes on. Body like a pear A cup at best, 3 tats 2 at her armpits (weird) and a larger one over her midsection and her many rolls. She grabs my unit with one hand and has a handiwipe in the other and starts to polish my knob. 30 sec lick not even close to classifying it as a BJ she grabs a party hat and slaps it on. I said just suck and blow me and she starts whining in some dialect of chinese that even Russel Peters couldn't imitate.

She then mounts me and tries to CG but only allows minimum penetration so I said just finish me with a BJ and here comes the whining again so I told her reversed CG so I I didn't have to look at her, I could then fantasize and get off quickly and get out. And that I did in record time for me.

I just grabbed a towel from the side table wiped myself down got dressed and got out of there. Could get home fast enough to get the cheap perfume off of me. I call her booker which I never do but something made me do it and told him that if it was the shitiest service ever and that if expected any business that he had better inform his crew.

This one might have put me into retirement.......

L 4-5 (neck up) 2 neck down or 5 clothed
A sucks and I don't me figuratively but literally
S see above.
Damage 1 brown I should of known that you get what you pay for.

So to you fellow pooners be warned.

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Review CL Mika 9483 - Fairbanks Escorts

CL Ad says Japanese Cutie Mika --- 21 100% real pic. with number ending in ...9483. Shes in in Fairbanks, near RPM, shes pretty hot, but not Japanese, and not a real pic.

Guy on the phone says everything available except greek & CIM. She buzzed me in & opened the door without even hiding behind it I guess shes cute enough that she doesnt have to.

Started with the donation & accompanied shower. She shares the apt. with a more mature Asian lady not sure if she is a SP or not dont care either. On to the bedroom for some LFK and DATY shes not shaved, but not exactly a jungle down there either.

She didnt care much for DATO and wouldnt allow DFK (maybe I smoked too much?? we each had some Scope in the bathroom too). Maybe Im just a little too old for her.

Anyway, she has a hot little body that I really loved no more than 100lbs, nice small little ass & small little titties. Her small breasts made me feel like she was really young, much younger than the 21 stated on the ad. Her English is limited, but she was able to tell me her real age (22) which I believe.

Did some 69 with bbbj (nothing special about the bj - she got kinda tired after a few minutes), then CG, standing CG with me holding her up by her ass (not sure what position thats called), and some doggie.

She just came here 3 days ago from Hong Kong. She is not Japanese, she speaks Cantonese. She says business has been slow so far.

Damage was $.2 for 45 minutes. I asked about 2 shots on goal & she wanted extra for that, but I only brought the exact amount with me.

Real pic? Guy on the phone said yes. I say no. Face & hair are really similar & I would say its her, but her tits are no more than an A cup.

Repeat? Not for me, the object of pooning is to try as many different chicks as possible, so its pretty rare that I repeat

L 8 pretty sexy, definite spinner
A 8 nice enough & accommodating, non rushed
S 7 no complaints, but needs some more experience perhaps

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Junko CL - Skagway Escorts

Started off trying to see Miyuki near Joyce CL 4326, confirmed time, showed up and got excuse that previous customer extended time and to please wait 20 mins and they'll call me back. I waited the 20 mins and left since it's a bad sign.

Called up Tony near Metro and I met Junko CL 8570. I haven't been to that many SP's but for me Junko was the best I had so far. Kgirl, I'd say low twenties, pretty, trimmed, a-b boobs, soft skin, long hair. Very friendly and nice, english is not bad. Accompanied shower, good attempt at a massage. Tongue bath, rimming, bbbj, cowgirl. Eye contact throughout. Yes BJhunter, she sucks good cock... She has incredible kegal skills which I can feel and even when I blew she continued with it to milk me dry with me still in her which was a first for me to feel it that strongly. Great attitude, excellent service, super nice.
standard Kgirl fee $.6

L: 8
S: 9
A: 9

Repeat? Pretty sure I would if I can afford it.

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Mya @ Roger's - Nome Escorts

Had a good session with Nevaeh at Roger's last time so wanted a repeat. When arrived, she's not available till later and one of the girl I got a glimpse of before I left last time Candy was busy and the only girl available was this Afro American girl Mya. Papa told me she was good and tight, dont always come by a young Afro American girl so decided to give it a go for some brown sugar since she got this young school girl face look and a nice petite body.

Hopped in the shower, washed up and dried myself up. She was stripped down to her little panties and asked me what I am interested in doing? Bangalot ran through my mind maybe? But opted for a little back massage, the massage was pretty weak. So turned around and she dived down for a bbbj on little daddy. Damn this girl can really suck, loved the way she takes all of little daddy and uses her tongue along the shaft and swirl around the tip of little daddy. It's as if it's the greatest lollipop she ever had, almost busted right in her mouth. So stopped her because I dont think I have the energy to go twice.

Over grown little daddy takes on the rubber and she tries to cowgirl me, but takes a little time because this lady got a damn tight kitty. Finally eased little daddy in and she rode me like a champ as I grab onto her boobies. She flipped around and pounded her missionary in various variations. Flipped her around again and went doggy. Okay, maybe it's me or what, but her kitty is damn tight that little daddy was feeling a little bit too much of a squeeze (I am sure most of you guys would like it) so stopped her and do some digits instead to loosen her up. Okay back to doggy... after 10 minutes of that, the tightness was a bit too much for little daddy so proceeded to a hj while she was licking away around my chest area and my fingers digiting away in her kitty. Finally little daddy busted. Asked for a 5 minute break from sweating a bucket before I hopped in the shower to wash myself up.

Mya 19 Afro American, black hair 5'5 105lbs B Cup shaved tight kitty (damn nice looking young shaved kitty)

L 7 (enjoy her young cute schoolgirl looks and a night tight body with an incredibly tight kitty, would probably rate her higher if she's not Afro)
S 8 (although the massage is pretty weak, her wild slurpy bbbj and craving for some heavy pounging gets her a few extra points)
A 7.5 (she aims to please but for a few moments it seems like she's a non pro)

Donation $.6/ 45min
Repeat when I have the urge for some brown sugar because I wanted to give Candy a go or repeat with Nevaeh first. Would recommend for those of you who likes the brown ladies with a schoolgirl look but be fore warn... she's tight lol

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Monica - MT - CL5528 - Barrow Escorts

Hello all,

I recently had the opportunity to go to see Monica of in Barrow - there are actually several Monicas in the Barrow area. Anyways, I wanted to see my regular Vivi and she's not available, I believe it's your monthly visitor the last few days. So I called up the reception and was able to make an appt to see Monica - I am sure she had been reviewed by some Perbites before as she was in Barrow last year, I believe.
Took care of the donation and was accompanied to the shower, washed me down and then asked if she's allowed to suck the junior - Ohhh, yeah, babe. In the shower for about 10 minutes - bj, then onto the bed, asked if I wanted a massage, and I politely declined. She gave me one of the best bj - BJH, yes, her skill was comparable to Sheila (Taiwanese in DT). I enjoyed my 15-20 minute long bj and then I returned the flavour for about 10 minutes and she exploded many times during the whole thing...followed by the CG and few minutes later, it was the other way around...and I enjoyed my M with the combination of short and long strokes - just imagine Monica in Friends (one of the shows)...until the finale. We chatted a couple of minutes and the 45 minute was already over...Overall, my ratings are:
L: 8 (beautiful face, nice handful non-enhanced breasts)
A: 9 (very easy to talk to - her English was actually managable, better than many I have seen, genuine)
S: 9.5 (one of the best bj with the right suction and pressure)...totally GFE
Damage: $.4 (tips are appreciated, but not necessary)
Repeat: YES.

Happy Pooning, peace out....

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First/first/first - Juneau Escorts

First review
First time not being able to get it up
First time seeing her.
Saw ad on CL for 95lb. Candy near in Juneau , called and she asked for 140.45min.
I,m thinking Korean as they ask for 140-160 but shae says she is Hong Kong girl , so settled for 30 min at 120.
Place is new apartment near in Juneau , greeted by older mamasan and shown to room with Candy , she was much shorter than expected , only about 4' 7" and 95lb would be about right , she was not skinny as she was so short. looks were average about a 7, body about a 7 and attitude and service not sure because of circumstances, but i'll say 6-7....
I,m a cancer survivior and had some pills laying about , hillybilly heroin or oxcycotin , and i always wondered what it would be like to fuk while stoned on them , so i poped one before going over.
she had a bikini on and stripped for the massage i wanted and she started with a below average massage for 5 min and asked me to flip .
she seeemed very not into it and wanted to put a condom on for bj i asked her for a bbbj , she started and was the worst ever.
so i said put the condom on if it makes u feel better , and it did not make a difference, totally bad.....
i had wood then so asked her to climb aboard , and she says she wanted me to go on top , so we flip and i went down for a little lick of the black mop and it was kinda chemical smell , not tuna but medicinal smell and tasting.
thats when i went limp , she was nice enough but so not into it and i think I would have gotten more out of a blowup doll. The oxcy was kicking in and I dont think it helps with getting wood. that was the first time i ever went totally limp and could not get the brain to get the other brain to coordinate.
So thats my lame first review.
It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has seen her and what their experience was like,
I would like to go back and try her out just because of her small size, but i dont think iwill because of her lack of energy.

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Beware- another fake place/picture - Barrow Escorts

On craigslist they are listed as 5899.
Located in in Barrow right across from Lansdown mall.

Here is their CL Ad--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


***** G * F * E **** B * B * B * J *** WE ARE NEAR lansdowne mall

CANDY (Taiwanese ) 23~ ~ 36C-25-35 ~
CICI ( Taiwanese ) 23 ~~ 36D-24-34
NONO ( singapore ) 23 ~~ 36D-24-35 ~ ( NEW GIRLS )


Went up a couple days ago just to check it out because I have been making quite a bit in the market recently and had some spare cash to blow. SO I was willing to be lienient with any places that were faking out their ages.

They advertised for 23 year olds, but I would have tapped it even if they were mid 30's.
Over the phone I specifically told papasan that if the girls were over 40 I'd turn around and leave, and he was like, "SURE, if they are over 30 I'll make them cook you a meal!"

I go upstairs and I see 3 women in their mid 50's. I tell them straight up, "sorry you are too old" and I turn around and walk out the door. Meanwhile the lady up front is trying to drag me back in.. (in their defence one of the women was actually decent looking.. milfy.. but still too old for my likes).

Anyway youv'e been warned!
Have fun

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Topless Oil Hand JOB $50 Includes light touching - w4m - 20 (New Westminster) - Sitka Escorts

SO I am new to this site and think I need to give a little back on what I have seen...

For today I have a review on This Girl. I have seen her add a few times and she looked cute on the add. Because I was in the neighborhood I thought why not....

Upon arrival I was greeted by possibly the same person in the pic..... But most likelyan old picture.I was expecting a slimmer cute gal. I would not say she's overly fat but more medium....I possibly thing maybe she had a kid or something....

To be honest I wanted to just say sorry and leave but I as welll felt bad and for 50 it couldn't be that bad....

when entering I felt that the place was not so clean and sheets blocking doorways I would assume to hide other messy rooms. Told me to lay down and sat beside me on single or dble bed. Upon seeing her breasts I saw the stretch marks around her tummy which was shy I think she did not want to take her top all the way off but just below her breasts.

She was very mechanical no talking no eye contact not sensual more like get it over and get out.

Sorry maybe not my cup of tea...I would have rather done it myself to be honest.

But as long as I get to send out the advise to those that were thinking about it...then I have done my part.

I am sure she is a nice girl maybe....but if you aren't in a good mood then don't take clients.....

I did ask for extras in the very beginning but she did not offer just for those that may inquire.

Good luck!

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TOFTT: Natasa CL ending 0116 - Barrow Escorts

Advertises on CL:
150/hr..100/hh.. **BB8J, Ms0g, 9reek, c.1.m, swa11ow, da+y ** - w4m - 19 (Barrow)

I've been out of the loop for several years but recently felt the urge, damn you Perbers for the enticing reviews. However, all the years I've been pooning must be the worst experience ever!

Called up the above-noted as it appeared she offered a complete menu, confirmed that she offers bbbj and greek (extra $). Headed out there for a hh session. Pics are accurate, however she is taller than 5'7" as indicated in her ad, I believe she said 5'10" if I am not mistaken; native-spanish-? mix. When offering the donation I mentioned the extra for greek, she said sorry I no longer offer greek. WTF?! I inquired about it not more than 30 mins. ago. :(
Her enthusiasm was lackluster (and that is an understatement). She kept on saying she was tired, had four clients already and wanted to get to bed. At that point, my compass pointed south. She attempted to revive it with a hard handjob, made it worse. Throughout the session, she kept on letting out a sigh. I suggested perhaps some seductive posing but she claimed not to understand and looked very annoyed. I then decided to help myself to some touching of her breasts and ass, she stood there like a mannequin staring into space.

Long story short, after some handwork and cbj, there was enough to attempt mish. I closed my eyes and went at a piece of log until I finished.

L: 8 (pics are accurate)
S: 3
A: 2 (perhaps why the donation was only $.00)

Repeat: NO

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Review: Duo With Kristy Of North Van And Sandi Laine - Fairbanks Escorts

$700/hr PSE (would've been $600 for GFE)
L - looks are subjective, but both ladies are hot MILFs (what can I say, I've got a bit of a weakness for older ladies)
A/S - 10's for both ladies... they are both well reviewed for good reason!
Only restriction was BBFS (obviously); everything else was not only on the menu, but encouraged if not demanded!!!

Having a duo has always been a fantasy. Also, I've wanted to see Sandi for a long time now, so this was a prefect opportunity to do both. As Sandi is rather difficult to get a hold of, I set everything up with Kristy (Sandi later said that she's in Fairbanks less and less these days) and we had our date earlier this week.

I arrived at Kristy's easy to find North Van incall location and was greeted by two half-naked, wine-sipping hotties. After some pre-session chit-chat full of heavy petting and fondling on the couch, I hopped in the shower. After coming out, I head to the bedroom to find Kristy hammering Sandi with her strap-on on the edge of the bed!!! Darn girls couldn't even wait for me!!! Now this is where it all becomes a bit of a blur. There was lots of kissing, licking, sucking and fucking. There were fingers and tongues in everyone's orifices. What I do know for sure is that I did have both ladies licking and sucking junior at the same time (a sight that will forever be etched in my mind)! First round ended after I shot my load deep in Kristy's ass after she slammed herself down on my cock while I was eating out Sandi's lovely kitty.

Round 2 started with Kristy sucking me off while Sandi and I made out. After not fucking Sandi during round one, she felt a bit left out, so I obliged her by fucking her mish while Kristy sat on her face. Round 2 finished this way; me and Sandi in mish, me sucking Kristy's tits and Kristy face-sitting Sandi.

Like I said, it was mostly a blur, but an absolutely enjoyable experience... I couldn't have had two better ladies be my duo partners.

$700/hr PSE (would've been $600 for GFE)... a steep price to pay, but well worth experiencing at least once. These ladies are pros and you can really tell they enjoy each others company - Kristy told me that she can just call up Sandi anytime she wants for a good romp... now that's just not fair for us guys who have to wait patiently!!! :)

For those seeking the ultimate duo experience, these two ladies will not disappoint!!!

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Review Maxim visiting GOE - Skagway Escorts

Maxim is visiting from Argentina via GOE. I saw the generous $180 special they were offering and liked her pix so I jumped on it (and her). Glad I did.

She is waaaaaaay hotter than her pix imho. Her hair is auburn and her skin is nice and tanned (which I prefer) and not the alabaster red head in her ad. Amazing ass, but didn't get to taste (wtf?) GFE, cbj, DATY, msog, very good English. It says ymmv, but she was easily one of the most GFE ladies I've had. Killer body, wow. Not PSE really and with an ass like hers I still can't believe I didn't have her face down in the pillows. Lucious full lips that kiss really well, nice tongue. CG with DFK was awesome and she was great at dirty talk. Hot and bothered more than fake scripted porn movie. She's def not kinky, didn't let me do doggie (again wtf?) but got off lazy dog and painted her tanned brown back white. Honestly came DATY as she frigged herself as I ate away. Was very gentle with digit (as in singular) as she neared O. Not a clock watcher at all and really fun. At this price point she's easily one of the best deals going.

I'd run not walk.

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Chelsea Chambers - Sitka Escorts

After more than a few experiences with asian (and a few caucasian) massages, ranging from so-so to god-awful to pretty good, I felt it was time to go for some hot sex with someone built like a pornstar, able to carry on an intelligent or dirty talk conversation (your choice) and hopefully leave me feeling satisfied instead of disappointed afterwards.

Even though I try to avoid travelling across the bridges to Sitka or in Sitka, I felt it was going to be worth my while to venture across the Port Mann and down into central Sitka. Arriving in a nice neighbourhood I was greeted warmly at the door by one hot-looking babe who was exactly as advertised.

Leading me into her warm, and comfortably furnished room, we chatted for a few minutes as I stripped down and she soon lost her clothes as we got down to business - the business of pleasure. And pleasure it was: CBJ, Russian, DATY, more CBJ, doggie, more CBJ and finished with her on her knees and me in her mouth (covered, of course). With still plenty of time on the clock (which wasn't watched at all) she gave me a decent massage while we continued chatting.

To sum up: this was one of the most relaxed and comfortable sessions I've had in recent memory with an SP. She really is a genuine woman with no attitude, comes as advertised (or better) and really gets into the sex. I've got to say that she will see some repeat business from me, and soon.

I don't subscribe to the L/A/S rankings regularly, but I'll venture out on this limb for once and put up 8/9/8 and let the chips fall where they may. Damage? $$ for the hour and worth it.

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REVIEW: Taylor the Quintessential Courtesan - Barrow Escorts

I've been reading about Taylor for quite a while now. Really wanted to see her close to a year ago while in visiting Barrow when recommended by fellow pooner viper2006. Couldn't get in contact with her, but now I finally saw her on a recent trip there!:)

Booking was real easy as I made a call to her the day of. I actually emailed and tried to call her the previous day but had no answer, but later understood that she was going through a personal problem so it was even more incredible of her to see me on such short notice, I really appreciated it.

Went to her appt in Tinseltown. When she opened the door, I found myself facing one of the most beautiful brunette I've ever seen in my life.:D Her pictures might be blurred on her website and here, but make no mistake, she's as beautiful as her body is hot! she was wearing a classy dress and invited me inside. We chatted for while to get to know each other in her living room before she asked if I wanted a shower.

Came out of the shower and found Taylor dressed in a sexy black lingerie. OMG!:D we went in the bedroom and we started kissing and caressing each other. Taylor has gotten some enhancements since she took the pics on her website (however, the ones posted on perb are new), but they are very well done. After some LFK, she found my little buddy for some CBJ action. After a while, I decide to return the favor and started some DATY...and WOW...really WOW...what a sweet pussy:p, intoxicating, and beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I was at it for a long long time and she was very responsive. We moved into 69 because I couldn't get enough DATY.

The main event went through the usual positions with so much intensity that I truly believed she came. I went down more more DATY after that...oh so sweet...and eventually had my SOG. I wish I had more time, but had to settle for just finishing the session with some nice chatting and conversations with this lovely lady.

I left more than 10 minutes longer than my session and I promised her I will see her everytime I am back in town! She has easily become one of my ATFs! Simply WOW!:)

L: 9.5
S: 9.5
A: 10
C: $$$.5

Repeat: ANYTIME I GET!!!

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Tegan Teese - Sitka Escorts

I was reading this site and I came across Tegan's post and pictures. I gave her a callI and arranged a meeting one hour later. It was Sunday and I assume sps are less busy.

I was hesitant to post this but you got to give credit where credit is due. Tegan looked better than her photos. Actually much better than her photos. One thing that really impressed me was the details. Holding my hand and walking me in, turning on the shower and adjusting the water, then bringing me a cold glass of ice water. We settled up on the donation which was 120 for lip service. I took the lip service because I just wanted to test the waters first. She gave me a little lap dance and then a cbj. Her bj skills were really impressive, eye contact, a good mix of speed and she kept going much longer than I thought she would.

In the end, I had a great time. I asked for a kiss before I left and it left a memorable impression with me.

I called back later that night to arrange an another appointment. YMMV
Thanks Tegan

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Maggie, cl, 6896 - Skagway Escorts

Called for hotel incall at one Korean advertiser and was quoted $. Passed. The next was Chinese HK and $160, accept. 30 minutes later, tapping at the door. Petite, wavy shoulder length hair. Maybe 5'2" or so and not over 100 lbs. Small hips and rear. Breasts large for frame, perfectly symmetrical and I figured enhanced. But felt totally natural to the touch. No scars. Nature's perfect breasts? Either that or the world's best enhancement job. Age difficult, maybe mid 30s or maybe less. Personality was subdued and pleasant. Had a sad quality in her eyes which gave me pause. Tired? Or didn't like her work? I give high marks to the girls that seem to be having fun. Not the faked sexual performance fun, but the enjoying life kind of fun with chatting. laughing, whatever. Yet she was totally agreeable, pleasant, performed whatever was asked and was not mechanical. Just a little quiet and sad eyed. Took a shower alone while she waited. No shower for her, but she was clean and I have no complaints there. Didn't try to kiss her and so unknown. She started with nipple sucking, then bbbj. Good deep throating and for a long time. Then condom, lubed herself, mish, cg, and acg. No orgasm probably due to massive pooning for the two preceeding days. Finished with hj and had a good energetic technique with lots of lube and some ass play to help the process. Paid and tipped $20. No repeat. Not that she did anything wrong, but not much connection either.

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Ms Kreem in New West - CL - Anchorage Escorts

Have seen Ms Kreem before and felt in the mood for some of her lovin so gave her a call. Was available so I dropped everything and headed over. Easy to find N/West address with lots of parking.
Met me at the door with a big kiss that moved into some more heavy DFKing and hugging. She had made coffee but it wasn't the main interest at the moment.
Off with the clothes (whoops, better close the windows and pull the blinds :o) and onto the bed. I had just showered before heading over and she had just come out of the shower so there was no delay there.:cool:
She loves to be touched and having her boobs played with. We spent the next little while, rubbing, touching, kissing and other good stuff.;) Some enthusiastic DATY ensued and then she reciprocated with some excellent BBBJ. Some BLS and some rimming which switched into a great 69.
Couldn't wait much longer so on with the cover and started and finished:o with MISH!
Some snuggling followed after she washed me with warm cloths. A great time!
Kreem is as advertised - a BBW with a big heart. She enjoys what she does and it shows. Repeat - definitely. Cost - varies - suggest calling for specials.

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Kali Kaos - Skagway Escorts

so again....a differnet style of review from what i've seen here.....

DATE: Feb 2010
NAME: Kali Kaos
AGE: 23
PERSONALITY: Friendly..great personality
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: average
WEIGHT: 120?
HEIGHT: 5'4'
BUST: B cup
HIPS: grabbale
EYES: amazing
SKIN TONE: BC pale ;)
TATTOOS: a few here and there
PIERCINGS: clit, nips, lip, &...
CLOTHES: just what i asked her to wear
MOANS OR OTHER SOUNDS?: light moans to load moans
ENERGY LEVEL DISPLAYED: matched mine just fine
SMOKES: yes, but not during our time
KISSING TECHNIQUE: sweet lil' kisses
FRENCH: Bare..and the best I've had!!
GREEK: extra
RUSSIAN: maybe you could..i didn't
DON’T’s: didn't come across any
PHONE: see her ads (here & CL)
RATES: on her ads 180
RECOMMEND: oh hell yes..
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) yes , & i have, & will see her again & again!
Other great BC gal...what can I say about Kali..see is my fav so far up here..have already seen her twice..with a third time on its way. Very easy to set up. She wore a sexy little tight skirt & some thigh high black boots. a little shy at first but sweet things went along she opened up ..we got along great. Now for the BBBJ to start..this girl has of the best I've ever had. great tech..with her cute lil' eyes looking up at me the whole time...dt..she can take it all!!. Cover on and the usuall..doggie, mish, cowgirl..all great as things picked up she really got into it and the sound level rose as we went along. She is also super tight..(which as we all know..feels..well awsome!) finished up on her pretty face..chatted for a bit, & showered ...

like i said seen her twice & plan to see her at least 1 or two more times before I leave Skagway.

she is open to filming and pics too !

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Review: Duo With Kristy Of North Van And Sandi Laine - Sitka Escorts

$700/hr PSE (would've been $600 for GFE)
L - looks are subjective, but both ladies are hot MILFs (what can I say, I've got a bit of a weakness for older ladies)
A/S - 10's for both ladies... they are both well reviewed for good reason!
Only restriction was BBFS (obviously); everything else was not only on the menu, but encouraged if not demanded!!!

Having a duo has always been a fantasy. Also, I've wanted to see Sandi for a long time now, so this was a prefect opportunity to do both. As Sandi is rather difficult to get a hold of, I set everything up with Kristy (Sandi later said that she's in Sitka less and less these days) and we had our date earlier this week.

I arrived at Kristy's easy to find North Van incall location and was greeted by two half-naked, wine-sipping hotties. After some pre-session chit-chat full of heavy petting and fondling on the couch, I hopped in the shower. After coming out, I head to the bedroom to find Kristy hammering Sandi with her strap-on on the edge of the bed!!! Darn girls couldn't even wait for me!!! Now this is where it all becomes a bit of a blur. There was lots of kissing, licking, sucking and fucking. There were fingers and tongues in everyone's orifices. What I do know for sure is that I did have both ladies licking and sucking junior at the same time (a sight that will forever be etched in my mind)! First round ended after I shot my load deep in Kristy's ass after she slammed herself down on my cock while I was eating out Sandi's lovely kitty.

Round 2 started with Kristy sucking me off while Sandi and I made out. After not fucking Sandi during round one, she felt a bit left out, so I obliged her by fucking her mish while Kristy sat on her face. Round 2 finished this way; me and Sandi in mish, me sucking Kristy's tits and Kristy face-sitting Sandi.

Like I said, it was mostly a blur, but an absolutely enjoyable experience... I couldn't have had two better ladies be my duo partners.

$700/hr PSE (would've been $600 for GFE)... a steep price to pay, but well worth experiencing at least once. These ladies are pros and you can really tell they enjoy each others company - Kristy told me that she can just call up Sandi anytime she wants for a good romp... now that's just not fair for us guys who have to wait patiently!!! :)

For those seeking the ultimate duo experience, these two ladies will not disappoint!!!

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Girls who like facials - Anchorage Escorts

A couple of reviews here:

CL 6628
Her name escapes me, but she lives in an average one level home on the hill in Mission city. I went for one reason...a facial! She is very slim, a-b cup, bbbj better than average and lots of bls. She really does enjoy this! finished with a facial which she takes with a closed mouth but a big smile. repeat? yes cost $.0 for a quick 15 min

CL 0896
Karlita from Columbia. works from a nice tower apartment kitty corner from Best Buy on 100 & King George in Anchorage. A little tough to arrange the appt. took 4-5 calls with drive here call me, ok, go here and call again, then walk here and call again...I guess she like to screen here clients? In person, a little heavier maybe 135 lbs., big titties with pierced left nipple. This girl genuinely loves facials. I brought a laptop and showed her some of my facial collection vids and she was really turned on. The drawback? no bbbj, no bls, just a bit of hj. Although she does allow some dick slapping on the face and rubbing your cock all over her face :) I ended with her on her knees and splattered her smiling face with a nice big multi strand facial. She was kneeling right next to the mirror and opene her eyes before I was done to have a look at herself! Very cool and porn-like!!
I paid $.2
Repeat? yes

I only went for the facials, and thats what I got!

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Naughty in North Van - Juneau Escorts

Hey fellow PERBites, I have a warning for you all.

There's a girl advertising on CL that says that for $$$ for an hour or $.3 for a half hour, she'll be your naughty girl, in North Van.

There are a few things you need to know about this girl. I'll give the good first. It's a short list.

Decent location in N. Van. Close to Lonsdale, in an apartment building. She's nice on the phone. Even sent a txt to make sure I was on my way and had found the place.

And yeah, that's where the good stuff ends. The picture makes her look good. Nice body, shapely legs, long dark hair. Looks like a younger girl. When you get there, you're going to realize that she's TALL, and in her late twenties/early thirties. TALL. Like, 5'10" tall. She's pretty well-proportioned, but if you're expecting a teenage girl and find an amazon, you're going to be shocked. But, hey...I liked Tatiana at BBC's height (even if everything else about BBC pissed me off.) and of course, the little head was fully engaged at that point.

The place is clean enough. It's a bachelor, and she has a bed and a huge massage table there. Candles were lit, it smelled nice. She invited me to sit down, brought me some water...and then she promptly disappeared for about five minutes in the bathroom. Complete with flushing. Given that I'd had to wait an extra 5 minutes outside before coming in, the least she could have done was peed before I got there.

So, she tells me to get comfortable, so I start taking off my clothes. She comes back, finds me naked, and says, "Good, you're not a cop." Now, I understand the threat that LE poses to independents, and all of that. But, this is the kind of thought that you don't say out loud.

There was no massage. Yes, I was only there for a half hour, but least give me a five minute massage. No, instead she took off what she was wearing, and stuck her boobs in my face. The girl is aggressive. When I say stuck her boobs in my face, please understand that I am being literal. I was lying on the bed, she crawled half on top of me and pressed them into my face. It was hard to talk. Or breathe. Now, sometimes that is good. But she decided to take it to the extreme.

When I saw her kitty, I made an appropriate 'oooh' noise. Hey, if a girl shows you her kitty, whether you're paying for it or not, you appreciate. Her response was 'Ya wanna bang it?' She's aggressive, and crude. It wasn't even said...invitingly. It wasn't even said suggestively. In fact, she was a John Deere hat away from being labeled 'truck stop ho' in my head.

I asked if I would get to lick it. She said if I was good. Then she asked me if I liked licking high heels. (Note: She also advertises on CL's CAS section. I answered an ad there, and got an e-mail back with her phone number in it the same day). I told her that I didn't like that as much as I liked licking pussy. And while that should have been an indicator that 'Hey, this client would like DATY' just soured things a touch further with her.

So, just to summarize: Five minutes outside in the cold before I could enter the building. Five minutes in the bathroom at the beginning of the session. No massage. No class. No DATY. Now, no teasing either. Just boom, the cover went on. I wasn't even fully hard yet. (Gee, I wonder why?)

Anyway, the CBJ started. And here, I will say that she wasn't bad. Not great, and BJH..don't bother making the trek to North Van for this. But, as CBJ's go, it wasn't bad. Got me nice and hard, and started the juices flowing. I tried touching her, but she was positioned so that the only thing I could really enjoy was her back and side. Couldn't even reach her booty, breasts, or anything else.

And the CBJ kept going. I told her that I wanted to change to something else. And she kept going. I told her that she'd better slow down (I was gonna blow) and...guess what she did? Sped up. Yes, Perb-ites...I indicated that I didn't want to end my session yet, and she forced me to. I blew my load, and then she committed another (what I consider) cardinal sin. She gagged, exclaiming that she had felt it. Now, I had the cover on, and it didn't break, and I don't remember hiding any spring-loaded javelins up my shaft anytime recently, so I was forced to think that either a) she has the worst gag reflex in the universe or b) she's a melodramatic ho who really doesn't like what she's doing.

I vote for c) all of the above.

If an SP is going to let you blow in her mouth, whether covered or not, then she shouldn't be complaining about the act itself.

And then she was done. Went to the window, commented on the weather, got me a hot towel.

Total time there was about 17 minutes. Damage was $.3 And I didn't even get FS. Most expensive average CBJ I've ever had. And the WORST SP experience I've ever had. Not even going to bother with L/A/S. You can guess.

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